Symphony™ Workflow Management

Business is more than just interactions and transactions. Many businesses now use the web to form a collaborative-centric business model. Why? Collaboration enables greater speed in delivery, quality and consistency in services and products. In addition, businesses are leveraging the knowledge of their employees, customers and partners to gain a competitive edge.

Re-engineering business processes within an organization is a sign of a mature organization, and process automation takes it there.

  • Administrative or ad hoc workflow
    • Automates numerous different processes and relies on mail for transport.
  • Transaction-oriented workflow:
    • Revenue-generating and can involve complex business processes.
  • Collaborative workflow
    • Automate business-critical processes that are not transaction oriented.
Why Symphony™ Work Flow Management?
  • Encourage higher workload capacity
  • Reduce process time and improve process quality
  • Eliminate elapsed time between tasks
  • Monitor current state of workflow and its progress
  • Efficient task delivery
  • Timely delivery of information
  • Better control over the distribution of work
  • Elimination of duplication of tasks
  • Alerts to warn tasks that are slipping
  • Discourage function-based activities
  • Encourage critical business
Widening the scope of workflow

Enterprise collaboration is a process where a collaborative workspace becomes a platform for the efficient development of collaborative applications that can enrich a company’s relationships. Combining collaboration and application-to-application integration fuses business space into a single podium where the entire business relationship can be created and nurtured.

  • Workflow concentrates on managing and controlling internal business processes. Through the internet, organizations can afford a low-cost opportunity to extend their internal processes and make them transparent to the outside world.
  • Organizations can extend their services to all connected users, and in the case of extending workflows outside the enterprise, an organization can offer suppliers and partners’ access (limited) to their internal systems.
Symphony Workflow Highlights

Symphony applications can be configured to work with any network element and are backed by a wide range of professional services, including customer training and support. With unparalleled support and service, we are committed to providing the solutions you need to achieve your strategic goals.

  • Administration area for Workflow cycle control.
  • Dynamic assignment of approval route.
  • Rerouting option.
  • Option of sending copies of documents to concerned people.
  • System notification if document arrived or is pending.
  • View status of all documents in the workflow.
  • Request to revise the document.
    • The same document can enter the workflow cycle again for revision.
  • Define or redefine your own business rules at any time.