TopUp Service

Xelex TopUp recharge services provides a flexible platform for subscribers and merchants to recharge their accounts. Xelex TopUp applications integrate with the existing infrastructure leveraging the investment made in charging systems and value added service delivery platforms.

Key Services:

  • Allows subscribers to top-up whenever, wherever, and however they wish
  • Permits distribution networks to operate and manage the merchant business
  • Gives the capability to incorporate mobile marketing, and loyalty into the end user service
Mobile Recharge

Symphony TopUp provides unlimited opportunities for your subscribers to recharge their mobile accounts. Symphony TopUp can be combined with traditional voucher distribution and management systems or implemented with our Agent Distribution Management system for a complete electronic recharging platform, or deployed independently for subscribers for self-service recharging at home from the Web or at Symphony’s TopUp kiosks.

Key Benefits:

  • Increases ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) by creating unlimited opportunities to recharge
  • Increases AMPU (Average Margin Per user) by reducing operational costs of physical vouchers, thereby minimizing theft and therefore fraud
  • Modular combination with other recharge products
  • Flexible denominations using pin-less activation
  • Symphony TopUp can be deployed in a variety of ways including: in-network through an ownership model, hosted via our managed service offering, service providers that distribute and resell airtime on behalf of the mobile operator, and with operator groups as a roaming recharge solution for roaming prepaid subscribers.
  • Xelex’s TopUp solution offers maximum flexibility for pre-paid top-up scenarios; we will customize the product to your specific requirements, while maintaining the core product features and functionalities.