Support Services

Xelex provides professional service support in critical business areas including consulting, site surveys, project management, enterprise planning, process improvement, training and product development. These support services are designed to build upon each other or to be utilized independently based on the overall needs of each of our partners and/or clients.

Many clients have used Xelex to create successful strategies, RFPs, Audits and site studies in order to receive appropriate recommendation for managing adversity, increasing profitability, protecting and defending revenues and securing customer retention.

With an extreme commitment to helping clients accomplish their goals, the Xelex team provides 24×7 vital telecommunications software services and support wherever the service is required.

On Site

The Xelex team has been providing professional software services on-site, around the globe, for over 25 years. Whether it be implementing new applications to an existing infrastructure, replacing older applications, or migrating billing applications to a new hardware platform, Xelex is prepared to get the job done.

With the growth of our strategic partners, there is no project too big, or with too many locations to support simultaneously.