MobileTrack, Customizable Control & Tracking

MobileTrack™ is a real-time mobile application platform that empowers organizations and individuals through Mobile Resource Management solutions. Customers can have visibility and control based on where a phone is located and how it is being used in real-time. With permission granted, a simple-to-install phone client is loaded directly onto a mobile smart phone and customers can quickly gain control of their mobile operations.

  • Seamless Integration
  • Track Time & Expense
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Fee Reductions
  • Usage Alerts
  • Real-time Updates
  • Safe Driving
  • Restrict Callers
  • Disable Functionality
  • Individual Locator
  • Location-Based Alerts
  • Centralized Monitoring
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Available on iPhoneAvailable on Android Works with all Carriers
*Phones must have a data plan and GPS capabilities for location tracking.

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Accounting & Management
Seamless Integration
Connect devices with any existing back office systems.
Reporting Dashboard
Review, edit and submit billable time & expenses online.
Real-time Updates
Secure Over-the-air account code management & assignment.
Centralized Monitoring
Call & SMS records sent to your secure, online dashboard in real time.

Tracking & Alerts
Track Time & Expense
Tag calls & log expenses with account codes on your phone
Individual Locator
Interactive map for current locations historical path of movement.
Usage Alerts
Alarms when exceeding preset call or data criteria, when roaming, etc.
Location-Based Alerts
Receive notifications based on arrival, departure, or distance from a location.

Restrictions & Disabling
Disable Functionality
Ability to disable texting & calls based on speed, schedule or on demand.
Restrict Callers
Control incoming and outgoing calls from selected numbers.
Safe Driving
Disable functionality when a phone is traveling over a specific speed.
Fee Reductions
Re-route 411 to toll free assistance & restrict activity when roaming, etc.