™ is an easy-to-use service that lets you monitor and control your child’s mobile phone through your web browser. Locate family members, track phone usage, monitor phone and messaging use, and implement critical safety controls to keep your loved ones safe. You can even setup text and email alerts based on criteria you choose.


With FamilyTrack™ you always know what’s going on with your child!

Works with all Carriers

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**Plans are on a per-month basis    *Phones must have a data plan and GPS capabilities for location tracking.
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Real-Time Monitoring

FamilyTrack™ organizes, stores, and retrieves a complete history of all call and text activity for each family member so you stay informed. Everything is tracked and stored in your secure, online family dashboard. It’s real-time peace of mind you can’t afford to be without.

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Instant, text and call history at a glance

See current location of family members


Child Locator

Do you know where your children are right now? Do you know where they have been? FamilyTrack™ keeps up with all your family members on a detailed, interactive map that provides their current location anywhere in the world to within a few feet. You can also use the map to see a history of movements for the last seven days.

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See path of movement for up to last 7 days

Interactive map with real time location


Location Based Alerts

With FamilyTrack™ you can setup location-based alerts (school, friend’s house, etc.) to let you know when a family members arrives and departs that location – or fails to arrive when they should have. FamilyTrack™ keeps you informed and worry-free.

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Monitor arrival, departure, or absence

Setup alerts for multiple locations


Restrict Callers

FamilyTrack™ protects your child from unwanted, inappropriate contact. Just enter the telephone numbers you want to restrict and block all calls or texts to and from those numbers. Or, simply maintain a Safe List that only allows pre-approved friends and family members to communicate with your child. FamilyTrack™ put you in control of your child’s safety.

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Manage blocked number list

Easily add restricted numbers


Disable Functionality

Have you ever had to tell your child, “Stop texting and go to sleep – you have school tomorrow”? Now you won’t have to! The Blocking Schedule on FamilyTrack™ automatically enables or disables certain phone features according to the time and day you choose (for example, “No calls or texts after 10:00 p.m., Sunday through Thursday”). It’s the “set-it-and-forget-it” way to maintain parental control without micromanaging.

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Block features by day and time

Create multiple blocking schedules


Safe Driving Mode

Distracted driving can lead to accidents. FamilyTrack™ knows how fast your family members’ phones are moving and automatically disables texting, incoming calls and/or outgoing calls when your pre-determined speed is reached. This unique feature automatically eliminates distraction hazards and helps young drivers remain safe and focused on the road. You’ll also get text or email alerts if your safe speed preferences are exceeded.

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Get alerted when safe speed is exceeded

Set speed and features to be disabled


Schedule Notifications

FamilyTrack™ lets you schedule and receive text or email alerts based on one-time or recurring calendar events. These events and alerts can be programmed for each family member. Best of all, you can get alerts sent to you whenever a family member fails to arrive at a certain place, by a certain time (for example, “School at 8:15 a.m.”).

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Enter one-time or recurring events

Receive alerts when absence is detected


Family Announcements

Need a quick way to message all your loved ones at once? FamilyTrack™ has a built-in Family Message Center that lets you broadcast a single text messages to all family members, or to individual members, through one simple interface. You can send messages to go out immediately, or schedule them to send later. It’s a fast, easy way to immediately touch base with everyone in your family.

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Schedule messages for future delivery

Instantly broadcast to all, or selected, family members